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SOR and Casting for Recovery Update - Metalheads

Wonderful time at SOR this year, with great food and spirits, super company and amazing casting from the men and women, it's impressive to see records being broken (Travis Johnson making a 198 foot cast) and the women making cast over 140.  The limits keep getting pushed, the casters keep progressing and new competitors enter each year .

Happy to raise funds again for the Northern California and Northern Oregon CFR retreats based on my longest cast.  (Made a 142 and still have the current record for longest cast!)  Congrats to all the women for kicking ass this year!
Much gratitude for all the support and a big thanks to Rebecca Blair, Teresa LaBlanc for keeping me on track.GaryAnderson Joe and Deloris Saracione and Simon Heish (Nextcast Products)  and Simms Fishing and Costa Sunglasses for the awesome gear, Franny Krieger for the hosting Tegan and I (Tegan really enjoyed her time with you) Travis Johnson for always talking me into competing and big hugs to Marty for putting up with me.   Special thanks to all that donated: Whitney Gould (Congrats on 1st!) Doug Morgan, Rebecca Blair, Will Johnson, Chris Wilson, Scott Humphreys, Bill Swindell, Judith O'keeph, Tim Purvis, Emily Untalan, Henry Carlile, Ken Johnson, Larry Lessard, Jeffery Howard, Doug Morgan, Doug Ballinger, Paul Ridgeway, Eric Adema, Mark Heath, Anne Vitalie, Steve Egge, Teresa LeBlanc, Larry Friedman, Debbie Mathis, Joann Martinez, Paul Gatti,  August Abellar, Anthony Conte, Ingrid Medina, Steve Gomes, Marke Estis, Byron Jones, Kenji Muro, Fanny Krieger, Ken Morando, and many more that signed up at the ponds, sorry I don't have everyones names at this moment.  
My longest cast was 142 and Doug Morgan was the closest guessed 144.5, call me, let's get a date on the calendar!   Mark Heath wins the Gary Anderson rod.  

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