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Sunglasses: You Can't Catch What You Can't See - B.A.S.S. Times

Before you can catch a cruising bass, you must see it. Quality polarized sunglasses are essential for this. Josh Bertrand relies on Costa del Mar sunglasses that have amber lenses.
"With amber lenses, I can see into the water as soon as the sun comes up," Bertrand said.  "l can't do that with darker lenses."  BJ Haseotes claims that Costa's 580 glass lenses are the best on the market.

"You can count the scales on a bass' back with them," Haseotes said. Amber or copper amphibia sunglasses help Brandon Paianiuk keep an eye on the cruising bass. "You definitely need a hat to cut down on the light getting behind any pair of sunglasses Paianiuk said.

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