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"On Flats and Family" explores the legacy of fourth-generation Florida Keys Fishing guides Brandon and Jared Cyr. Born and raised Conchs (Key West natives), their family-first mentality and dedication to guiding forms a bond that transcends that between most brothers. "Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life."


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From sipping trout to daisy-chaining tarpon on white sand flats, moments with a fly rod in hand completely absorb us in the pursuit of feeding fish. Stealth, precision and persistence are all part of the game in fly fishing, making it equal parts challenging and addictive. We fly anglers are adventure-seekers at heart, often chronic car-campers or frequent flyers to far-flung waters in pursuit of our target. Fly fishing is an intensely visual pursuit, made for both the eyes and the soul, and fosters a passion for protecting the fish and their environment. Now you know why Costa is the sunglass choice for fly anglers across the globe.

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