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Mighty Waters

Mighty Waters tells the story of Ansil Saunders, the legendary fishing guide and boat craftsman who, inspired by Martin Luther King, “leveled the playing field” for future generations in the Bahamas through his leadership and activism. Film by Cold Collaborative and presented by Costa, Simms and the American Museum of Fly Fishing.

Fly Fishing

Whether fishing trout in a mountain stream or watching chains of tarpon crossing sand flats toward your skiff, angling moments completely absorb us and everything else fades away. We might sleep in our truck for days just to catch the hatch just right or fly thousands of miles to fish where none ever has. Meticulous in fly selection, enamored with the fish we pursue and joyful to release them after the catch, Fly anglers go to great lengths to protect the fish and where they live. It is a pursuit made for the eyes and the soul. Now you know why Costa is the sunglass choice for fly fisherman around the world.

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