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Retainers Advisor

Retainers are an essential component to ensuring your Costas are safe and protected out on the water. With this said, not every retainer is the same. In fact, we have many different retainers that all serve a purpose: style, weight, frame type, lens type, activity type. Trying to find the right retainer for your Costas? Scroll through to get all the information you need.

What are retainers

Retainers are an eyewear accessory that help keep your Costas from falling, keep them accessible when you take them off and reduce the chance of serious damage.


What is their purpose

Retainers act as a safety net for your frames. Rocked by a big wave? A retainer stops your shades from falling to the floor. Need to take them off but can’t find a good plae to store them? Let them hang with a retainer.


Choose the perfect retainer

Figured out what kind of retainer you need for your setup? Find it here and get ready to go back out on the water.

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