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Warranty and Repairs Frequently Asked Questions

  • What shipping providers does Costa use to return repaired sunglasses?

    We use USPS. You can track the shipment of your repaired Costas by logging into your online account.

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  • My Costa lenses are scratched. Can these be buffed out?

    Sorry, scratched Costa lenses must be replaced. Buffing them out would distort the clarity of the lens, which is something we take very, very seriously. To learn more, see our repair section.

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  • Does changing or modifying my lenses void my warranty? 

    Yes, any changes or modifications to the lenses including installing a non-Costa lens will void your warranty. Our Costa lenses are cut in Daytona Beach, Florida and utilize the most up to date lens technology. If you have questions please contact a Costa rep at 1.855.MYCOSTA (1.855.692.6782). 

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  • How do I know that Costa has received my repair?

    Once your Costas arrive at our facility it can take up to 10 business days for us to assess your repair. We want to make sure we know exactly what the problem is so we can fix it right. We'll enter your glasses into our system and you'll receive your first update via email. If your tracking number shows that your glasses were delivered and you haven't received an email, call us at 1.855.MYCOSTA (1.855.692.6782).

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  • How much does it cost to repair my Costas?

    Every repair is different. And since we look at each one individually, repair costs will vary. If you have questions, call us at 1.855.MYCOSTA (1.855.692.6782) for more information in advance of shipment.

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  • Can I submit a repair order via email?

    For security purposes we don't allow customers to submit repair orders via email. Get started by registering for an account, then submit your repair order, or contact a Costa rep at 1.855.MYCOSTA (1.855.692.6782).

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  • My repaired Costas came back damaged. What do I do now?

    If your Costas are received damaged, please contact a Costa rep within 10 days of receiving the glasses at 1.855.MYCOSTA (1.855.692.6782).

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  • How can I check the status of my repair?

    To check on the status of your Costa repair, simply log in to your online account here. You can also contact a Costa rep at 1.855.MYCOSTA (1.855.692.6782).

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  • Can I get replacement nose pads for my Costas?

    The nose pads on most of our plastic and nylon frames are co-injected and molded into the frames. Because of this, the frames must be replaced as a complete unit. However, replacement nose pads are available for many of our metal frames and can be ordered over the phone. If you have questions or would like to place an order, please contact a Costa rep at 1.855.MYCOSTA (1.855.692.6782).

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  • How do I repair my Prescription Costas?

    All Costa prescription sunglasses are under warranty for two years from the time of purchase for defects in materials or workmanship. If your prescription lenses and/or frame are in need of repair, please contact an authorized Costa Eye Care Professional. Costa prescription sunglasses cannot be returned directly to Costa for repair.

    If you need help finding an authorized Costa Eye Care Professional please search for a Prescription Dealer here.


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  • What is covered under Costa's Limited Lifetime Warranty?

    We make hardcore sunglasses for hardcore fisherman and adventurers. That's why we back every pair of Costas with a limited lifetime warranty. If you have a manufacturing defect we'll fix them for a warranty processing fee of $11.95. Prescription and limited edition Costas have some warranty restrictions – call us at 1.855.MYCOSTA (1.855.692.6782) to find out more.

    And while our warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear such as scratched lenses, broken hinges or accidental damage, we can still repair your Costas. Get started by registering for an account and submit your repair order today.

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  • What is the warranty policy on limited edition Costas?

    We stand behind every pair of Costas we make, and all lens defects are covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty. If, because of their limited nature, we can't replace that specific model we'll send you a comparable pair we know you'll love just as much.

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  • My Costa sunglasses are under warranty. Why does a repair cost $11.95?

    We charge a small processing fee for every pair of Costas we repair. It's how we give your glasses the undivided attention necessary to fix them right.

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  • Do I need to include my receipt when sending in my Costas?

    No. Just send your sunglasses and we'll work to get you back on the water in no time.

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  • Can I replace the lenses in my Costas with a different lens?

    Our warranty and repair department will be happy to cut new lenses for your frames at the repair cost.

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  • How do I care for my Costa sunglasses?

    A lens cleaning solution and our premium microfiber cleaning cloth are your best bets for keeping your Costas in top shape. Keep them in their protective case, away from extreme temperatures (translation: don't leave them on the dash of your pickup). Regular tightening of your hinge screws will also help maintain your frame. Follow these guidelines and your Costas will help you see what's out there for years to come.

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  • How do I repair my Costas?

    If your Costas need to be fixed, we strongly recommend sending them back to the place they were made. We've got a facility full of Costa experts that can't wait to bring your glasses back to "like-new" standards.

    Get started by registering for an account and submit your repair order today. If the repair falls under warranty, you'll be charged a small processing fee of $11.95.

    And we'll repair your Costas even if they're not covered under warranty. Once you submit your repair order we'll email you to let you know the cost of your repair and keep you up to date on the status of your sunglasses.

    Please allow at least three weeks for us to complete your repair.

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  • How long does it take to have my repaired glasses returned to me?

    The average turnaround on a repair is three weeks. To speed up the process, submit your repair online. It's the fastest way to fix your Costas and get you back on the water.

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  • Can I just replace one lens of my Costas?

    Sorry, Costa lenses come in pairs. It lets us make sure that the polarization and colorization is correctly aligned and helps us avoid distortion that can cause migranes. Because while the fish may occasionally give you headaches, your glasses never should.

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