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Gear Review: Costa Sunglasses Pluma - SoCal Salty

Jake and I have been wearing Costa Sunglasses for years now.  I absolutely love them and would literally feel naked on the water without them.  Juliana unfortunately has had to deal with inferior kiddie glasses...until now.  Last month during the Fred Hall Show, we stopped by the Costa booth.  I knew they made some narrower styles.  I figured they're probably still too big for Juliana, but why not look and see?

Boy was I glad we did.  There was a really helpful and knowledgeable booth guy that helped us.  Turned out there were a couple styles that fit her well enough.  One was a metal framed style (KC?) and the other was the Plumas.  The Plumas came in a black and pink (technically "coral") frame color and also the 580P lenses which since they're for a child I thought was a good call (lighter and more durable than glass).  They fit her.  She loved them.  Great!

Since I work with Costa's PR company, I reached out and asked if they could send me a pair.  They were happy to do it and sent them out.

We finally had an opportunity to field test them weekend before last when we went up to Oxnard to ride the Speed Twin.  During this trip, Juj won her first jackpot.  On the way home, I asked her how she liked her new glasses.  "I love them Daddy!"  What about them Juj?  "They cover my eyes better."  The glasses certainly cover more of the area around her eyes more than her previous glasses.  As a dad, I definitely feel more comfortable about how this pair of glasses protects her eyes.  I also noticed that she kept them on.  I didn't see her fidgeting with them, pushing them back up her nose or taking them off.  So they must be comfortable for her.  Did you notice if anything looked different wearing your new glasses vs. your old ones?  "I could see better."  It was a sunny day, so I know what she's talking about.  They cut the glare really effectively.  Was there a particular time that you noticed you could see better?  "When I was reeling up my fish.  I could see it while it was still underwater.  I couldn't see that before."  Telling remark.  It speaks to that glare cutting property.  When you look into the water, especially on a sunny day, it tends to reflect the sky and you really can't see INTO the water.  When you cut that reflective glare, you can look into the water and see things you didn't see before.  From the mouth of a child...I'm happy she finally fits into a pair and joins Jake and I wearing Costas.  See what's out there...

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