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35 Years, 35 Beach Cleanups

Costa celebrated 35 years of providing the best polarized sunglasses on the planet in 2018! Since we were born on the water, we alongside volunteers, helped protect what we love – the beach! From October 1st to December 31st, our Kick Plastic campaign joined forces with the Surfrider Foundation and hosted 35 beach cleanups around the country.

Making a Difference Together

With about 8 million metric tons of plastic entering the ocean annually, or the equivalent of a garbage truck of plastic dumped in the ocean every minute, we have no other choice but to jump in and make a difference. Small changes add up, whether it’s reducing our single-use plastic consumption, participating in a beach cleanup or spreading the word and building awareness, we can kick this habit and help clean up our oceans and waterways.

Collectively We Made an Impact!








None of us wants to live in a plastic sea. Join us in the movement to Kick Plastic by spreading the word about the issue, engaging in solutions, and helping create positive change.