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Do you consider a screaming reel the most beautiful sound known to man? Is fishing not only your passion but also your profession? If so, then you might be a good fit for Costa’s Pro Team. At Costa, we are always on the lookout for full-time fishing guides, captains, and tournament anglers that live their life on the water. If you have a taste for adventure and are interested in being a Costa Pro, we’d love to hear from you! Membership is by application and must be renewed annually.


Almost 30 years ago, a group of fishermen in Florida had a goal: to design a pair of sunglasses to help them better See What's Out There. We've come a long way since those days, but the fact is, our passion hasn't changed at all. We're still in Florida, we're still happiest when the sun is up and we're fishing out on the water - and we're still obsessed with making the best lenses on the planet.


As the people exploring the wide and vast world, we share a responsibility to protect its watery wonders. And that means abiding by a vision that extends beyond ourselves—one that is provided by every pair of Costas.


We’ve devoted our lives to chasing the most remote places that bring us to life. That’s why we’ve developed the best sunglasses in the world to help us reach these sought-after locales. Because Costas are more than sunglasses, they’re the badge of the explorer.