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Green Shipping For A Greener Living

Protecting and restoring coastal ecosystems helps fight climate change. Choosing Green Shipping helps support conservation and natural coastal habitats.

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Costa X Green Shipping

Our delivery providers* calculate and offset the carbon emissions of your shipment by funding different environmental projects. This initiative brings us closer to a more sustainable future by improving air quality and absorbing blue carbon.

Hero Banner world oceans day
Hero Banner world oceans day

What Is Blue Carbon?

Blue carbon is simply the term for carbon dioxide that is captured by the world’s ocean and coastal ecosystems. These coastal habitats can sequester and store even more carbon than the planet’s forests, and can continue to do so for thousands of years by locking it into the sediments below. It helps fight climate change while also protecting coastal fisheries and communities.

Why It Matters

We are committed to protecting the watery world and the life within it. Our initiatives and partnerships work to: Protect our fisheries and waterways; Reduce ocean plastic pollution; Educate and empower; and Restore and rebuild coastal communities.

*We work with providers like UPS and DHL using different transportation services which include also partnership with USPS

Hero Banner world oceans day