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Protection against our favorite element, water. Our lenses are designed with a shield to help prevent any optical distortion stemming from water buildup.


Keeps your lens clean. Our lenses include an oil-resistant coating to help avoid smudging or fingerprint marks from distorting your field of view.


In the shop or on your commute to the beach, our anti-static protection helps prevent any dirt, dust or small particles from sticking to your lens.


Helps prevent scratches. A scratch-resistant coating that helps ensure our lenses stand up to your active lifestyles.

Costa Bimini Road 500 are pilot metal frames with a shiny gunmetal finish. Designed for the high seas and the high life, these eyeglasses are perfect for those who want to take in every detail. Crafted with metal, they possess a sturdiness that keeps up with long days spent in the sun. These eyeglasses also feature a sleek shape and color, which help them stand out on any trip to dry land or sea.

Model name: Bimini Road 500
Item no: 6A3013 301302 55-15
Frame colour: Silver
Frame fit: Regular
Size: M
Lens curve: Base 4
Size Fit Guide 1 Size Fit Guide 2
1. Frame Width:
132 mm
1. Frame Width:
136 mm
2. Bridge Width:
15 mm
2. Bridge Width:
15 mm
3. Lens Width:
55 mm
3. Lens Width:
57 mm
4. Lens Height:
43.6 mm
4. Lens Height:
45.2 mm
5. Temple Arm Length:
148 mm
5. Temple Arm Length:
148 mm

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Bimini Road  500

Bimini Road 500

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