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Protection against our favorite element, water. Our lenses are designed with a shield to help prevent any optical distortion stemming from water buildup.


Keeps your lens clean. Our lenses include an oil-resistant coating to help avoid smudging or fingerprint marks from distorting your field of view.


In the shop or on your commute to the beach, our anti-static protection helps prevent any dirt, dust or small particles from sticking to your lens.


Helps prevent scratches. A scratch-resistant coating that helps ensure our lenses stand up to your active lifestyles.

Costa Bimini Road 510 metal eyeglasses offer performance and comfort. These round-shaped frames come in a shiny bronze gold finish, adding a touch of sophistication to your look. Crafted with metal material, these eyeglasses are lightweight yet durable enough for daily wear.

Model name: Bimini Road 510
Item no: 6A3017 301702 52-19
Frame colour: Silver
Frame fit: Narrow
Size: M
Lens curve: Base 4
Size Fit Guide 1 Size Fit Guide 2
1. Frame Width:
127 mm
1. Frame Width:
131 mm
2. Bridge Width:
19 mm
2. Bridge Width:
19 mm
3. Lens Width:
50 mm
3. Lens Width:
52 mm
4. Lens Height:
42.9 mm
4. Lens Height:
44.6 mm
5. Temple Arm Length:
148 mm
5. Temple Arm Length:
148 mm

Narrow Fitting

A small lens front designed to fit those with a slightly narrow head.

4 Base Curve

P4 Base Curve - Medium Coverage

Frames with medium-coverage and wrap that value style but still perform.

Narrow Fit

Forgot Your Ruler?

Use this handy guide to gauge the fit you're looking for.


All the Way?

You might be looking for a small or medium frame.


Middle Pegs?

You might be looking for a medium or large frame.


Last Two Pegs?

You might be looking for an x-large frame.

Bimini Road  510

Bimini Road 510

Cork Case

Soft Case