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Prescription Eyeglass Frames

We know that not every moment of your adventures takes place under harsh sun - we pack gear in the dark of morning, read a novel on the flight to elsewhere and plot the next day's course on an old map at night. There's a real need for clear vision all day, every day, so we've created a line of handcrafted prescription eyeglass frames named Costa Optical, inspired by famous underwater places with topographical designs embedded in each prescription eyeglass frame.

Costa Optical frames are only sold at authorized Costa Optical dealers

Costa Bimini Road Eyeglasses

Bimini Road™

∙ Lightweight Fit ∙ Innovative Metal Stylin ∙ Corrosion-Resistant


∙ Vintage Styling ∙ Lazer-Cut Wood Inlays ∙

Costa Forest Reef Eyeglasses
Costa Mariana Trench Eyeglasses


∙ Trendy Colors ∙ Forget-They’re-On Comfort


∙ Earth-Friendly Material ∙ Holds Shape Under The Harshest Conditions ∙ Innovative Metal Stylin

Costa Ocean Ridge Eyeglasses
Costa Pacific Rise Eyeglasses


∙ Non-Slip Fit ∙ Combination Materials For Utmost Comfort


∙ Minimalistic Styling ∙ Durable Metal Construction

Costa Seamount Eyeglasses
Costa Untangled Eyeglasses


∙ Sustainable Materials ∙ Fully Recyclable ∙ #UNTANGLEOUROCEANS

Sustainable Cork Case and Soft Pouch

Included with every eyeglass frame

Each Costa Optical prescription eyeglass frame comes with a sustainable cork case and soft pouch.

How to Purchase

Costa eyeglass frames are only sold at authorized Costa Optical dealers.

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