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Costa advanced polarized sunglasses and polarized prescription sunglasses are handcrafted for life on and off the water. Built to be expedition tough while fishing, boating, or exploring, Costa Del Mar polarized sunglasses have been handcrafted by our designers so you can see what’s out there with UVA/UVB protection. The Costa Del Mar sunglasses collection offers a wide variety of sunglasses models for men and women. Perfect for every type of sun, from sea to lake and every sport you can imagine. Costa Del Mar also offers polarized sunglasses and sophisticated designs guaranteed to stand out in any situation. Costa Del Mar sunglasses are high-end sporty sunglasses, both for men and women. Created from the best designers, with a good combination of style, elegance, design and functionality. Sunglasses from Costa feature lightweight, thin lenses and crystal clear optics. 100% UV protection for both violet and blue light. Our lenses eliminate glare and reduce eye fatigue by preventing the eye from absorbing the horizontal wavelengths of light reflected by water, pavement, snow. Costa Del Mar sunglasses offer superior design, the highest quality manufacturing, and the best-polarized lenses on the planet.