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GEOBASS Fly Fishing Expeditions


The award-winning GEOBASS series is back for a second season of wild adventures. The boys will continue to look for undiscovered locations and new ways to find and catch fish like no one has before. They'll keep risking life and limb to make their dream of catching bass around the world a reality.

Season two's first episode takes the boys deep into the sweltering jungles of Brazil's Amazon River, which is no place to be without a paddle. Follow along as our ambassadors of adventure travel further out of their comfort zones. The outer reaches of Guyana, The Solomon Islands, Texas, Australia and Papua New Guinea beckon. Red bass, black bass, large and smallmouth, barramundi and more are all in their sights. And if they can avoid third-world jail cells we might even see a third season.


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  • Fantail


  • Caballito


  • Blackfin


  • Costa Mesh Hat



  • Sealed the deal.

    Brian must be living right because he pulled the rabbit outta tha hat ie: the tank peacock outta tha lumber yard. 18 pounds of peacock bass on a fly!  What an incredible trip. Once again we learned a lot about this fish, and once again we leave here jonezing for another chance to put a fly in font of a peacock.  We are hearing rumors of giant butterfly peacock bass in Guyana.....think we're gonna have to go check that out.

  • High water blues.

    Well, the Amazon is living up to its name as the largest RAIN forest in the world.  Sheets of water are dumping from the sky and it has pushed the fish way back into the trees.  We have spent a couple of days searching out tributaries that have not been affected by the rain. We are at least catching a bunch of smaller fish, but still no big kahuna.

  • Success! Bacon saved.

    Made a call to Casey Ashley, who then put us on to Ron Speed Jr.  Ron Jr happens to have a boat that is scheduled to go upriver for an exploratory peacock bass mission and has exactly 4 spaces available.  The hail Mary was thrown and we had a dude in the end zone that caught it.  Takin off in the morning on a charter flight to the airstrip deep in the jungle. Giving up is not in our vocabulary.

  • Not Good!

    So the dude that we set this trip up with AND paid a $1000 deposit in advance, totally ghost towned us. We spent the entire day in Manaus trying to track this SOB down.  Finally when we did find his boat it had a big sign on it that said VENDA, translated... FOR SALE.  Jay is already sharpening his machete and Thad is on point trying to come up with a plan B. Things could not look more desperate at this time.

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