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GEOBASS Fly Fishing Expeditions


The award-winning GEOBASS series is back for a second season of wild adventures. The boys will continue to look for undiscovered locations and new ways to find and catch fish like no one has before. They'll keep risking life and limb to make their dream of catching bass around the world a reality.

Season two's first episode takes the boys deep into the sweltering jungles of Brazil's Amazon River, which is no place to be without a paddle. Follow along as our ambassadors of adventure travel further out of their comfort zones. The outer reaches of Guyana, The Solomon Islands, Texas, Australia and Papua New Guinea beckon. Red bass, black bass, large and smallmouth, barramundi and more are all in their sights. And if they can avoid third-world jail cells we might even see a third season.


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    Three days of relentless rains in the highlands has sent a flood of mud downriver to our fishing grounds. Not making for easy conditions. We have managed to get a couple Barramundi to the boat and some of the other guys have hooked into Black Bass on gear rods but we have come up empty handed with fly. The dirty water has made it very tough to get a fish to take notice of our offerings and we are going to have to try some smaller tributary rivers that are running clean and hope to find some hungry fish that are willing to cooperate. To make matters worse our supply boat hit a submerged log on the run up river and deep sixed their outboard, going to be slow going to reach our base camp. Long days casting blue water fly rods have destroyed all of our wrists but we gotta keep casting and covering water if we stand a chance at battling PNGs heavyweight, the Black Bass.


    We finally made it!! Landed in Port Moresby and hooked up with Sport Fishing PNG who we lined up a wild exploratory trip deep into the jungles with. Really not sure what to expect but know that the river we are traveling to will take 8 hrs on dusty pothole covered roads, sitting in the back of a giant supply truck hauling us, our gear, boat fuel and supplies.

    After that we will have another 90k to go up a large river system where we will set up a base camp and fish the remote stretches of river. Looks like we might be in for some rainy conditions which hopefully won't interfere with the river flows and water clarity too bad. Tomorrow our overland trip begins and we will be hitting the road at Zero dark:30 for destinations unknown in the land of the monster Black Bass!!



    The eagle has landed and we're definitely not in the States anymore. The time change is making us all a bit delirious and getting a good night sleep tonight is not going to happen. The island of Papua New Guinea lies in the southwestern Pacific Ocean just north of Australia, making it a tough place to get to, but still doable if your willing to put up with multiple connections.


    This next trip to Papua New Guinea is going to be insane, it has us traveling halfway around the world for a fish called a PNG Black Bass. Not much is known about this fish and the thoughts of getting our butts kicked by one of the strongest freshwater fish on the planet has us staying up at night considering if it's even possible on fly. Passport (check), heavy duty rods/reels (check), lines (check), cameras (check), what more do we need? All packed and getting ready for the long 15hr haul across the Pacific where we hope to find some legendary Bass!!

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