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GEOBASS Fly Fishing Expeditions


The award-winning GEOBASS series is back for a second season of wild adventures. The boys will continue to look for undiscovered locations and new ways to find and catch fish like no one has before. They'll keep risking life and limb to make their dream of catching bass around the world a reality.

Season two's first episode takes the boys deep into the sweltering jungles of Brazil's Amazon River, which is no place to be without a paddle. Follow along as our ambassadors of adventure travel further out of their comfort zones. The outer reaches of Guyana, The Solomon Islands, Texas, Australia and Papua New Guinea beckon. Red bass, black bass, large and smallmouth, barramundi and more are all in their sights. And if they can avoid third-world jail cells we might even see a third season.


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  • Red Bass Bonanza

    This trip goes down in the history books as one of the greatest. Total fish destruction. Red bass bonanza for multiple days with multiple double-digit fish and this fish is a blast to catch on a fly rod.  We didn't quite know what to expect coming here, and many people thought we were crazy flying all this way looking for red bass. After all is said and done we can tell you this fish is one you want to put on your bucket list. And as for our college boy, well he is now a college man.

  • Five IV Bags Stat!

    Chris took a nosedive. Not sure what happened but the guy is puking off the side of the boat and is in bad shape. Had to send him off to the hospital where they hooked him up to an IV and dumped 5 bags in him. We're all just glad it's not our college boy.
  • Search Mission

    The search for red bass is on! Were scouring the coastline looking for the prime red bass hangouts. Finding and hooking fish is not a problem, we've encountered some of the most incredible "by catch" we've ever had on a trip. GT's, blue trevally, bonefish, milkfish, snapper, and fish we have never even heard of or seen like sweet lips and job fish. We've managed to get some nice red bass on the fly as well, but we are still searching for the big kahunas. 

  • Bombs Away

    We made it to Kiribati! Interesting history fact, Kiritimati is the location where the first H bomb was successfully detonated by the UK military back in the 50's.  We're hoping that will equate in the red bass being abnormally large. Ha! First impressions of the island, this place looks like a total fishermen's paradise!  We've set up camp on the beach at the mouth of the huge lagoon. Now its time to tie flies and get our game face on.

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