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GEOBASS Fly Fishing Expeditions


The award-winning GEOBASS series is back for a second season of wild adventures. The boys will continue to look for undiscovered locations and new ways to find and catch fish like no one has before. They'll keep risking life and limb to make their dream of catching bass around the world a reality.

Season two's first episode takes the boys deep into the sweltering jungles of Brazil's Amazon River, which is no place to be without a paddle. Follow along as our ambassadors of adventure travel further out of their comfort zones. The outer reaches of Guyana, The Solomon Islands, Texas, Australia and Papua New Guinea beckon. Red bass, black bass, large and smallmouth, barramundi and more are all in their sights. And if they can avoid third-world jail cells we might even see a third season.


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  • Fantail


  • Caballito


  • Blackfin


  • Costa Mesh Hat



  • Revenge!

    Revenge never felt so good.  For the past couple of days we have been on top of the bass, and it has been a non-stop showdown with what we personally believe is the hardest fighting bass on the planet.  All our preparation for this trip has paid off in spades. PNG Black Bass raises to the top of the list as one of the most awesome fish on the planet. This is one place that we will always want to come back to.

  • Bat River

    The PNG rain forest is full of surprises. It has to be one of the most amazing jungles we have ever been in. While pushing up river we ran across a massive flying fox migration.  It was straight out of a horror movie. We literally had tens of thousands of bats flying right on top of us. These things are like chihuauas with wings!  Owens also thought he got bit by a snake today,  we're pretty sure the heat and lack of cheeseburgers is making him hallucinate.
  • Pacific Tarpon??

    Two day push up the coast with some rough seas and bad weather to finally drop anchor. We have moved our floating base camp about 10 miles up river, Its time to start searching for these bass. Each day we are taking the small boats and pushing deeper into the jungle. We see a large swamp on the map that we are working our way towards. We are sure it holds big bass, but whether or not they eat our flies remains to be seen. We have however run into schools of Indo Pacific ox eye tarpon!

  • Back in the South Pacific

    Back in Papua New Guinea! Last time we were in PNG we got our @sses handed to us. We'll be honest, we were not prepared for the power and the difficulty of the PNG Black Bass.  Busted lines and broken rods and flooded rivers plagued us on our previous expedition. We vowed we would come back one day and take our revenge, that day is here.  We have arrived with a new arsenal of bigger rods, heavier lines and an attitude of bass destruction.  If all goes well we will head up the coast and find the PNG black bass mother load.

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