Inside Costa


As the people exploring the wide and vast world, we share a responsibility to protect its watery wonders. And that means abiding by a vision that extends beyond ourselves—one that is provided by every pair of Costas.

Ocearch Expeditions

As go the sharks, so go our oceans. We’ve partnered with OCEARCH to uncover the secrets of the deep to better help educate our fans on the importance of sharks and to help prevent a marine ecosystem collapse by preserving the ocean’s apex predator.

Protect Guyana

Costa is on a mission to protect the world's waters by promoting sport fishing through eco-tourism: the idea of protecting a place, its peoples and its natural wonders in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and empowering way. While exploring the unspoiled rainforests of Guyana, we came across a fishing paradise that was being exploited for its natural resources. It was here that we took a stand, rods in hand, to protect this place through the sport of fishing.

Kick Plastic

We humans have a bad habit: throwing out 200 billion plastic bottles per year, much of which ends up in our oceans. At Costa, we respect the unmatched importance of our oceans—and we think it’s time to put plastic in its place.

Bluefin on the Line

Once a place teeming with so much life that it brought international attention and a legendary sport-fishing tournament, the blue-fin highways of Cat Cay have been commercially over-harvested. It has been over four years since someone caught a storied Bluefin Tuna—until we took up the challenge.

Watery Rave

Over the years, we’ve helped found, support and connect people and causes who want to protect our world’s waters. And while their stories may be different, the cause is something that affects us all.

Bio-Based Resin

As part of our Kick Plastic initiative, Costa’s Bio-Resin Raw Material Process reduces our carbon footprint and protects our planet’s waters. Wear every pair of Costas with pride—because every pair helps protect the places we love to explore.