Costa SLAM Film Event

Costa SLAM Film Event

Costa SLAM is the engaging story of three anglers from different walks of life in pursuit of the same epic challenge with just a few days to accomplish it. We are launching this exciting new production nationwide, alongside two celebrated short films – “Old Friends New Fish” and “Odd Man Out” to offer the Costa SLAM Film Event, a dynamic movie package celebrating women’s fly fishing pursuits.

Enjoy this unique fly fishing film event with us!

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Artemis Motion Pictures brings you the first ever film festival dedicated to honoring female action and empowerment. Artemis celebrate powerful women taking action on the silver screen. From female action heroes to female activists, Artemis will shine a spotlight on females in narrative and documentary films who are fearless, fierce, and revolutionary.


The Sunscreen Film Festival is organized and presented by the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Film Society Inc., a charity dedicated to education, economic development, informing the public about the art of visual storytelling, enhancing opportunities for local filmmakers to develop their craft and art, and increasing the public’s awareness and support of local filmmaking as a cultural and economic asset.

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SLAM Trailer

Old Friends, New Fish Trailer

Odd Man Out Trailer

Host Your Own Costa SLam Film Event?

Want to bring the Costa SLAM Film Event to your area? Contact us about how to bring an evening (or afternoon, or morning) of fly fishing entertainment and purpose to your friends and neighbors.

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