Fly Fishing

Whether fishing trout in a mountain stream or watching chains of tarpon crossing sand flats toward your skiff, angling moments completely absorb us and everything else fades away. We might sleep in our truck for days just to catch the hatch just right or fly thousands of miles to fish where none ever has. Meticulous in fly selection, enamored with the fish we pursue and joyful to release them after the catch, Fly anglers go to great lengths to protect the fish and where they live. It is a pursuit made for the eyes and the soul. Now you know why Costa is the sunglass choice for fly fisherman around the world.

What’s happening in the Fly community

Costa is thrilled to bring you our new, highly-anticipated fly fishing production, Costa SLAM. SLAM is the story of three anglers from different walks of life tackling the same ambitious quest in the Florida Keys with just a few days in which to accomplish it. This unique, beautiful film celebrates women while getting all anglers excited to get on the water. Costa SLAM launched nationwide, alongside two applauded short films – “Old Friends New Fish” and “Odd Man Out” -- check out show times and venues near you.

Costa’s project Guyana is an effort to help a struggling village to conserve its way of life and natural surroundings through the creation of a catch and release lodge. Through this project, Costa found found Indifly who is making changes in communities around the globe.

Plastic is poisoning our planet. Did you know there is nearly as much plastic in the ocean as there are fish? With statistics like this, Costa is doing its part to turn the tide. Aside from cleaning up our own, Costa initiated the Kick Plastic Guide Program to help guides and captains find alternatives to single use plastic water bottles. No one wants to live in a plastic sea.

The 2017 Fly Fishing Film Tour presented by Costa is better than ever. See the adventure unfold through fly fishing films from around the globe. Click here for ticket information.

The Costa Trout Unlimited 5 Rivers program helps to establish fishing clubs in colleges and universities across the country with the goal of discovering the next generation of anglers and conservationists.

Costa supports restoring historic flows south from Lake Okeechobee to the Florida Everglades. We take care of our backyard. For more information click here.