The Scariest Thing About Sharks is How Fast They’re Disappearing.

Sharks are the lifeblood of our oceans, and they’re disappearing. If the oceans lose their apex predator, the entire ecosystem could collapse. Costa is proud to be a long-term supporter of OCEARCH, an at-sea lab led by explorers and researchers who generate critical data and put science on the side of sharks.

These Shark Attack Survivors are Fighting for Sharks.

See their stories of triumph, and see why these survivors don’t fear sharks. They fear for them.

Meet the Scientists Making Waves in the Fight to Save Sharks.

This is OCEARCH, a team of explorers and scientists generating critical data and putting science on the side of sharks to help protect our oceans.

Meet the Scientists Making Waves in the Fight to Save Sharks.

If you Win, Sharks Win

Join the crew and join the cause. Enter to win a trip aboard OCEARCH, where you’ll observe with shark-saving research, name a shark of your very own and help us on the mission to protect our oceans.

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The Costa + OCEARCH Collection

The Costa + OCEARCH Collection

The Costa+OCEARCH Collection features new sunglasses and gear, inspired by the sharks that keep our oceans balanced. Your purchase helps fund future OCEARCH expeditions and their mission to protect sharks.

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Learn. Share. Protect.

Understanding erases fear. Help us protect what’s out there by learning the whole story, spreading the message and showing that you #DontFearTheFin.


We were born on the water, and we’re committed to protecting it. Help us spread the message and tell your friends that sharks deserve our help.