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The Bio-Resin Raw Material ProcessThe Bio-Resin Raw Material Process is part of our Kick Plastic initiative to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our planet’s waters. Our bio-resin frames are durable and lightweight, and hold their shape under the harshest conditions. Shop Bio-Resin Frames >

Bio-Based Resin Castor Planet Seeds


Seeds from the castor plant are harvested and processed into castor oil.
Bio-Based Resin Castor Oil


Castor oil is used to produce a natural raw material known as bio-based plastic resin.
Bio-Based Resin Reduction in Emissions


Use of bio-based resin vs. petroleum based resin offers a reduction in emissions and our overall carbon footprint.
Bio-Based Resin Foundation for Plastic Sunglass Frames


Bio-Resin is utilized in all of our plastic sunglass frames.
Bio-Based Resin Technological Advancements


Our process is comprised of several technological advancements that help reduce our carbon footprint.

Frame Qualities and Options

Costa offers frames to meet everyone's needs. Customers can choose a frame based on color, hypoallergenic materials, durability, lightness, cost and uniqueness. Each frame offers its own performance advantages and style features for eyewear that fits every occasion.

Co-Injected Nylon Frames

Our nylon frames are tough and durable, with more color options manufactured using the environmentally friendly bio-resin process. TR-90 nylon is a premier material for sports and performance frames as it is resistant to heat and cold. Though it is flexible, it is still durable. Nylon is easily molded into wraparound and other shapes.

Cut Honey Tortoise with Green Mirror technology

Shown: Cut in Honey Tortoise with Green Mirror technology


Best for when you’re not active, acetate has a warm, luxurious feel and allows for very rich color layering which creates vibrant, unique patterns. Made from tree pulp, acetate is a renewable source that is naturally hypoallergenic and can be adjusted for your best fit. Acetate is special because it molds to your face over time, giving it that fitted suit, worn-in jeans, leather sandal feel.

Sarasota in Shiny Abalone with Copper Silver Mirror technology

Shown: Sarasota in Shiny Abalone with Copper Silver Mirror technology

Metal Frames

Metal Frames provide a different look and feel. We use only the best in metals - marine-grade corrosion-resistant Monel® and lightweight, hypoallergenic titanium.

South Point in Rose Gold with Light Tortoise Templates with Copper 580 Technology

Shown: South Point in Rose Gold with Light Tortoise Templates with Copper 580 technology

Combination Frames

If mixing it up is your thing, we combine the best of bio-based resin with our corrosion-resistant metals. The combination of materials also allows for more style variations.

Pawleys in Retro Tortoise with Copper Silver Mirror 580 technology

Shown: Pawleys in Retro Tortoise with Copper Silver Mirror 580 technology


Rimless eyeglasses are feather-light because there is simply less nylon frame material sitting on your face. They're generally more comfortable, more streamlined and perfect for a variety of sports.

Ballast in Shiny Black with Gray 580 technology

Shown: Ballast in Shiny Black with Gray 580 technology

Frame Materials

Costa Pawleys
Shown: Pawleys in Matte Black and Green Mirror Polarized Lenses with Costa’s 580 technology


Costa Piper Frame Technology
Shown: Piper in Velvet Silver and Blue Mirror Polarized Lenses with Costa’s 580 technology


A] Co-injected Bio-Based Nylon

Our bio-based nylon frame material is tough and durable. As a result, Cost'a co-injected frames offer the best-fit and greatest comfort on the market today.

  • Best Fit
  • Best Fit
  • Best Fit
  • Greatest Comfort

B] Corrosion-Resistant Monel Metal

Monel's super tough, corrosion-resistant alloy is often used in marine applications. If you are on the water a lot, Monel stands up to the challenge.

  • Best Fit
  • Great on the Water
  • Best Fit
  • Corrosion-Resistant

C] Hydrolite Rubber

Hydrolite is our proprietary, hypoallergenic rubber which prevents slippage. We use Hydrolite rubber on comfort spots such as nose pads and temples.

  • Best Fit
  • Prevents Slippage
  • Best Fit
  • Hypoallergenic

D] Titanium

Titanium is as strong as steel but lighter weight, making these frames perfect for sports. Though titanium is one of the strongest metals, it reverts back to its original shape even after exerting pressure. Titanium is often used in prosthetics because it is hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant.

  • Best Fit
  • Perfect for Sports
  • Best Fit
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Best Fit
  • Corrosion-Resistant

E] Beta Titanium

Beta titanium is a hypoallergenic titanium alloy made by blending titanium with other metals. It is extremely durable and strong, but bends, reducing damage and broken frames.

  • Best Fit
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Best Fit
  • Strong but Flexible

Innovative Sweat Management System:*

Costa Sunglasses Ventilation


  • New ventilation ducting allows airflow through the end piece of the frame, which helps to keep you cool, reduces lens fogging, and works in conjunction with the sweat management template channels.**
  • Nose pad ventilation also available on Diego, Broadbill and Tico.
Costa Sunglasses Sweat Management

Sweat Management

  • Channels run the length of the temple that enable airflow from the vents to cool, wick away sweat and moisture, and drain through the openings on the temple tips.
  • Thinned-out inner bottom eyewire tucks closely into the back surface of the lens, which allows sweat and moisture to drain down the back surface of the lens and off the bottom of the frame.
  • Textured Hydrolite® nose and temple pads help manage sweat and heat - and provide a secure fit and all-day comfort.

*Patent Pending. **On Diego, Montauk, Cape, Bayside and Slack Tide

Tri-Lateral Fusion

Tri-Lateral Fusion
  • We are the industry leader in this manufacturing process.
  • Original bilateral and trilateral styles are created by bonding together two or three distinct colors into one frame.
  • Each layer is comprised of solid color bio-resin. The result is a highly durable frame with chip-proof color.
  • We offer multiple unique color combinations in both bilateral and trilateral styles.

Quality Hinges

Quality Hinges

Our corrosion-resistant, stainless steel flexible hinges keep their shape and fit perfectly.

They come in three types:

  • Integral
  • Optical spring
  • Five-barrel optical